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Neurological care in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) is not limited to just neurology. Indeed, it covers many other areas as well, and demands the experience, compassion, and knowledge of dedicated professionals. It is an interdisciplinary approach.

Each individual protocol is tailored to the patients needs and goals. The programs offered run from stroke and traumatic brain injury to leisure and work skills training.


neurological care



Neurological Care: Sub Specialties

Neurological care within a skilled nursing home environment does include several sub specialties.

They are:

  • Neurology
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech Therapy


Neurological Care: What’s Covered

Neurologists will treat patients who are suffering from the after affects of stroke, multiple sclerosis,  parkinson’s disease, or traumatic brain injury.


Neurological Care: Physical Therapy

Physical therapists work with patients to restore normal walking. Also included are exercises to restore range of motion, balance training, strength and endurance, and improving mobility.


Neurological Care: Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists focus on improving activities of daily living such as: dressing, bathing, and feeding themselves. In addition, they train patients to do well on cognitive tasks.



Neurological Care: Speech Therapy

A speech therapist will tailor exercises to improve the following areas:


  • Articulation and voice improvement
  • Language therapy
  • Improving memory and attention as well as organizing and planning
  • Computer aided speech or alternative non-vocal communication
  • Swallowing therapy



The Advanced Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in New Haven, Ct excels in all areas of neurological care. Patients work with experienced and compassionate care givers who focus on providing the best health care possible. If you are considering placing your loved one into a skilled nursing home, then consider the Advanced Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in New Haven CT.


Call us to schedule a tour of our facilities: 203 789 1650


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