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April 3, 2018
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Protein binges and high protein diets by senior citizens won’t help them grow muscles or develop lean body mass, a recent study shows.

Lots of older men may think that feeling better and maintaining muscle is simply a matter of taking in higher amounts. But a new study suggests that for sedentary older men, at least, this just isn’t true.

Many people consider extra protein to be a sort of magic bullet, whether it’s for weight loss, increased muscle size, decreased fatigue or general physical function. However, higher amounts at levels above what our bodies will use, turns into fat, or is excreted via the kidneys.






Protein: Study Results In Seniors

A new six-month study tracked outcomes for 78 men aged 65 and older.

Investigators found that those who consumed more protein than recommended levels did not show increases in lean body mass, muscle performance, or physical function. Indeed, high levels might even be hazardous for seniors. This is especially true for those with poor kidney function or other chronic illness.

Muscle mass is built up through resistance-training [weightlifting], and future studies should test the effects of muscle-building workouts and the effects of muscle mass.

Exercise and resistance-training is ultimately what builds lean muscle mass and you will in turn need adequate protein intake to support the new muscle you are building.



For seniors looking to build lean muscle mass, grow muscles, look great and be healthy; here is a better solution.

Hit the gym.

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