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May 11, 2018
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May 17, 2018
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This entire week, May 13-19, 2018 is National Skilled Nursing Home Week. It was formerly known as National Nursing Home Week.

This years 2018 theme is “Celebrating Life’s Stories”.

This acknowledgement and praise for the skilled nursing fraternity was established by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) in 1967 and always begins on Mother’s Day. National Nursing Home Week, provides an opportunity to recognize the role of skilled nursing care centers in caring for America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities.

The 2018 theme announced by AHCA, “Celebrating Life’s Stories”, serves as a tribute to life’s most significant events, relationships and experiences that shape the unique perspectives of residents, families, staff, and volunteers in long term and post-acute care facilities.


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Skilled Nursing: Advanced Center’s Pulmonary Center

The Pulmonary Center at Advanced Center’s facility showcases skilled nursing at it’s very best.

This Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program is designed to empower people with chronic lung diseases like emphysema, COPD and chronic bronchitis to achieve the highest level of functionality and lead richer, more enjoyable lives. Our team of Board Certified Pulmonologists and skilled nurses provide customized treatment plans with a focus on breathing regulation, medical management, exercise, nutritional counseling and emotional support.

Through one-on-one training and group classes, we arm patients and their families with the information and tools they need to better manage their condition, decrease the risk of complications, and improve their overall well-being.

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