Short Term Rehabilitation

At Advanced, we do our utmost to help you or your loved one recover maximum functionality following an illness, accident, surgery or hospitalization. Patients who require short-term skilled care benefit from the comprehensive services offered in our recuperative rehabilitation program. Our caring team of experienced physical and occupational therapists work to enhance strength and flexibility, reduce pain, improve gait and raise safety awareness. Using the latest rehabilitation techniques and state of the art technology, we offer medical management and professional nursing care that is second to none.

We design individualized treatment plans for each patient to ensure you receive the unique care you need to improve and regain your independence. Our customized approach to rehabilitation allows us to facilitate a safe, timely discharge so you can return home.

Ease your transition back home with the Advanced Center for Rehabilitation.

Pulmonary Therapy

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program is designed to empower people with chronic lung diseases like emphysema, COPD and chronic bronchitis to achieve the highest level of functionality and lead richer, more enjoyable lives. Our team of Board Certified Pulmonologists provide customized treatment plans with a focus on breathing regulation, medical management, exercise, nutritional counseling and emotional support.

Through one-on-one training and group classes, we arm patients and their families with the information and tools they need to better manage their condition, decrease the risk of complications and improve their overall well-being.